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- Ideas are worthy, how much, usually time shows. For some are needed years to show in a right light. For full ten years Beteco has pled for promotion of worthy, creativity, originality, vision, mission, sence, emotion, promise and freedom, and everything in purpose to approach own products to customers completely concord with European Standards.

- By creating unique visual identity for every product unit with-in production program, has been made big step, during ten years long effort to create international brand. beteco image has built on our own business results, as business results of our numerous customers and their satisfaction for realized cooper-ation.


- Beteco was founded in 1994. in Serbia and Montenegro, as production, trade and service Company, in aim to provide Personal Protective Equipment to domestic and foreign market. Beteco development is part of development history of Personal Protective Equipment in Serbia and Montenegro. Beteco begins to work in the moment of creating its own strategy and business policy, when necessity for new production identity appeared, which will follow its own vision of classic production concept of Personal Protective Means.

- For almost 60 years Personal Protective Equipment had only formal status in the view of workers' protection. Standards in that view have never been applied in full sense of health pro-tection and workers' life. With its own development strategy, Beteco has set its own primary purpose: to completely concord with European Standards with its own products, their quality and reli-ability, with wish to humanize workplace, feeling of comfort, ade-quate clothing and better disposal, which has direct influence on work quality of our customers' workers.


- Strategic development of Beteco business system was based on four basic segments: quality and educated people (knowledge, professionalism, experience), increase customers' number and quality, introduction of modern information system as base of azure and succesful business and continual leading of systematic, marketing and communicative activities in aim to create prestige reputation in business publicity.

- Than, sense, emotion, promise, freedom, project tasks, quality analyses, business strategy and realised projects has led to Beteco being one of the most succesful producer of Personal Protective Equipment in Serbia and Montenegro to day.

- Catalogue is integral part of marketing process, where is presented one part of our production program, for which is believed that it will be enough to rouse your interesting in Beteco Company products.

- For those products which are not presented in catalogue, and the appearance of which should satisfy workers' dressing needs, according to your Company's activity, Beteco will respond fully to every request.

Beteco d.o.o.
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tel./fax: + 381 (011) 319 - 0701; 319 - 0702; 319 - 0703